The Year of Magical Dreaming

How to #decidelikeaboss

I borrowed this hashtag from, the communication stylist, Nikki Elledge Brown. It is perfect, because bold decisions mean big results in life, love and career–all over, basically.

The suggestion, “make a decision based on the person you’re becoming, rather than who you are today” is brilliant. Our current selves are often blinded by old patterns and negative beliefs, which if left to captain the ship, we may just steer in exhausting circles.

My interpretation of #decidelikeaboss is another steal. This one from Emerson: “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

These are heart decisions, not head decisions. Choices made from our gut, usually our first impulse.

I have a few tricks:

Flip a coin: Yup, that simple. Flip a coin, but don’t listen to the result of the toss–tune into the thrill or disappointment of your reaction instead.

Ask your higher self: How does one communicate with one’s higher self, you say? Sleep on it! Meditate. Journal. I love asking questions in meditation or in my journal. The answers come forth, never fails. You’ll be surprised how much you know when you dig beyond the layers of doubt.

Lean into it: Have you ever heard of muscle testing? It’s kinda woo-woo, but pretty cool. Stand tall with your feet planted evenly, balanced on all four corners of your feet. Close your eyes and ask yourself the question that’s troubling you, “yes or no” format. If you naturally lean forward, it’s a “yes,” backwards is a repel response, “no.”

Don’t trust it? Do it again. You’ll be surprised what your body knows before your brain.

What NOT to do:

Do not, I repeat, do not ask your struggling friend or weirdo neighbor or bankrupt auntie or jaded ex-boyfriend for their opinion. I’m sure they are all really nice people, but they are not prepared to #decidelikeaboss for you! #justsayin.

So there you have it, make your decisions bold and make magic happen. Just like how you weren’t really qualified for that job and you mastered it anyway. It’s kinda like that. Keep reaching, even if it includes fudging your resume;) I’ll vouch for you!

I leave you with this: Give me a time when you made a decision #likeaboss. How’d it go?


Much Love,