The Year of Magical Dreaming

Freedom to Change Your Mind

I love this short piece from Seth Godin on Consider reconsidering.

Is there any other form of freedom that comes at such a low cost?

The freedom to change a habit, to change your mind, to change your expectations.

It takes guts and humility to change your mind. Fortunately, you have the freedom and the courage to do so.

And since we’re on the subject of freedom … there you have it.

Most often we view changing our minds as a negative thing, willy nilly. God forbid our politicians do it!

I’m embarrassed to tell you all the things I used to “stand for.” In college, in particular, my soapbox was tall and sturdy!

Yet, I see changing my mind as forward thinking, growth mindset, wisdom.

In fact, that’s my life’s work. I was put on this planet to help change minds!

Changing our minds allows us to change our expectations, change our habits, and therefore change our lives.

It is actually the complete OPPOSITE of willy nilly, if you think about it.

It takes diligence, and as Seth puts it “guts and humility.”

This recent episode of This American Life: Choosing Wrong is fitting. It’s all about the threshold that needs to be met for some of us to change our minds. If enough people are doing it … what might you do?

I bought skinny jeans!

The jeans I swore I’d never wear, lol.

Changing our minds could involve something as silly as fashion, or as big as our careers, love interest, happiness.

In my work with clients, I always point out the path of least resistance: the natural route we will (consciously or unconsciously) take to avoid conflict, save energy, and keep up the status quo.

Mindfulness takes us off the conveyor belt of ho hummery, where we begin to question nearly everything again, from a brand new perspective, making up our mind (allowing for new information, an alternate POV), again and again.

And those seemingly built in beliefs …

“High cholesterol runs in my family.”

“I’m no good at __________.”

“I hate working out.”

And many more … will all be challenged.

I’m worried, actually, if you’re NOT changing your mind–especially our politicians. At the speed in which life is moving, we should all be changing our minds constantly.

Dig deeper. Do the work. Yes, I agree with Seth, it takes courage. But anything else would be ignoring our unbridled freedom!

I leave you with this: What’s one thing you’ve changed your mind on recently? Skinny jeans or … ? 😉


Much Love,