The Year of Magical Dreaming

Feeling “Meh,” and What to Do With It

At first Elisa and I thought it was summer brain, then it was the heat, and then it was the heaviness of the current state of country/world.

Motivation has been low here in our Brooklyn apartment, to say the least. Passion is sputtering along with our attention turned in so many different directions: refugees, suicide bombers, Orlando, #blacklivesmatter.

Our energy to create has been hanging in the deficit.

As entrepreneurs and creatives, where does that leave us?

Our daily assessment of “success” is often based–perhaps poorly–on output.

We feel stuck. Powerless. Even useless.

And yet we’ve been trudging along, forcing content, ineffectively trying to produce. Failing miserably at pretending to be productive.

All of which, as you can imagine, makes us feel worse when we spend an hour watching cat videos when we’re supposed to be writing a blog.

What I’ve come to learn we should do instead is relax into the creative void, the distractions, the stuckness.

We should run around the block, or read a book for pleasure, or take a bath.

We must nurture this space of quiet, rather than force noise.

I loved this article on embracing boredom (Boredom Is Fascinating by Lion’s Roar) for the same reason. In our go, go, go, do, do, do culture, we’ve gotten to be terrible allowing much of anything other than our agenda.

If you’re feeling “meh,” like us, stick with the basics. I’m not sure now is the time to go above and beyond much of anything. Nurturing our souls may be the most productive thing we can do right now, and for that I give you divine permission to rest, restore, rejuvenate.

Best nurturing activities: bath, book, draw, write, play, meditate, walk in nature, work out, cook, dance, play music, sing, watch a comedy, and many more.

I think Oprah & Deepak’s new 21-day guided meditation journey may be just the thing we all need. Getting Unstuck it’s called. How appropriate!   

I leave you with this: Is there a favorite nurturing activity of yours I didn’t mention? Please do share!


Much Love,