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Feeling All The Feelings: It’s my birthday week!

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It’s my birthday week and I’m supposed to be writing a speech for a big contest Monday and instead I’m shopping for gifts (for myself) online, listening to podcasts–like this amazing Robcast with Elizabeth Gilbert, and finding plenty of excuses to eat cupcakes.

I’m still chuckling about this conversation I had with a client yesterday: I think she said, “I’m doing a pre-cleanse this week, because my real cleanse starts next week.” AKA, the correct way. I, on the other hand, am also beginning a “real” cleanse next week, but instead I’ve scheduled a bender with all the key offenders, behind my wife’s back, this fine birthday week;)

I’m not a big birthday person, but something about this one feels significant. 38 sounds like nothing special, but ever since 2016 began, Elisa and I keep saying to each other … this is gonna be a big year! We can feel it. Something is a’brewing in this little Brooklyn apartment and we’re not sure what just yet, but we’re excited about it.

I always see seasons and New Year’s and moons in Jupiter and birthdays as an opportunity for renewal. This birthday is yet another opportunity to evaluate what’s going well, what could use some fixin’, and what foods/beer I can’t pretend anymore are good for me (as I itch and scratch myself to sleep)!

There will be more on all this renewal as the week unfolds. I told Elisa, who has playfully criticized me on this commitment to a cleanse (I’ve only been talking about it since our honeymoon in October), that it isn’t real until I enlist my accountability partner (you)!

If you’d like to join me, on this wild (unofficial and unsolicited) cleansing endeavor, I will have more info later in the week.

But now, back to the podcast: my homegirl, Liz G, and brother from another mother, Rob Bell, riff on feeling all the feelings, something that has come up plenty in my personal life at the turn of the new year.

As a sort-a-Buddhist, this message sometimes gets muddied, and I really really like where these two went with it.

Also, Liz G touched on something I want to write about eventually: holding space for opposing ideas. Especially in this uber political climate, the push to be only left or only right, or only black or only white is rather suffocating, and rather lizard brain-ish–don’t you think? I’d like to think us humans as a pinch more evolved than this, but unfortunately we’re not all there yet. It’s part of the practice, I know, and Liz’s get-over-yourself approach is just my style.

It’s kinda like how Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery says she both adores and despises her children at the same time, no different than how she feels for her husband;)

See, you get it now. Perfectly normal!

I love Glennon, btw, and her new book, Love Warrior, is up for pre-order as of today. So you get yo cute lil’ ass over there and get you one, ‘r seven, because she’s saying everything we wish we could. And it’s good shit. I know it already.

I leave you with this: When’s the last time you gave yourself permission to feel all the feelings?


Much Love,