The Year of Magical Dreaming

External Goals: Never add up to enough

I couldn’t believe it when this “first cover mockup” popped up on my FB memory this week.

It’s only been three years!!

I let it sink in for a few moments:

Oh my God. So much has happened in three years.

I distinctly remember the fear and vulnerability I was feeling during these summer months, 2013. I honestly felt like I was stepping off a cliff and praying for a net. I had no idea what would come next.

Following the publishing world’s orders, I hit the ground running with my shoe string marketing and my efforts to “build a platform,” they call it.

Always looking ahead to the next thing, constantly comparing yourself to others, never feeling like you’re doing enough … even with all my mindfulness training, I fall into these traps often.

This is the slippery slope of external goals; they are the mirage we’ll never reach.

It is the double edge sword of the human condition: to never be settled. Most times for which I am grateful; I love to be challenged. But missing the small victories, not feeling enough is the hamster wheel that exhausts many.

I have to remind myself of the courses I’ve taken in the last few years, the people I’ve met, the fears I’ve overcome, the places I’ve traveled, the stages I’ve spoken on, the lives I’ve helped change.

Ain’t no small potatoes! 

And yet, could I be doing more? Yes. Should I be doing more? I believe so. And I will.

But in the moment, I’m gonna revel in this: I’m exactly where I should be, working in accordance with divine time, ready and willing to take on more responsibility as it comes.

And so it is!

I leave you with this: We must move forward into any endeavor filled up. Lack mindset only begets more lack mindset. Let this be a reminder for you to soak up all you’ve accomplished. You’ve come a long way, my friend!


Much Love,