The Year of Magical Dreaming

Choose the Thing You’ve Been Missing

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Each week since I began my 2016 yoga goal of flexibility, I’ve written in my Five Minute Journal that I wish I was doing more of it. The daily question: How could today have been better? more often than not is answered with, “yoga.”

Now that I’m doing it at home with Do Yoga With, I have much more opportunity to put it off till last minute which often means, zero minutes.

Today’s vlog is about living in alignment and getting closer to following through with intentions, prioritizing YOU! Acting in accordance with thoughts and speech is a powerful way to feel more grounded and in control of your day-to-day life.

Here’s a few shots of yesterday’s filming.

kat hurley, dara bratt, film, documentary, brooklyn, i think I'll make it, 2016 kat hurley, dara bratt, film, i think i'll make it, documentary, 2016, brooklyn

It was an awesome day on set and I’m excited the big shoots ahead all include adventure;)

More on I Think I’ll Make It, the doc, coming soon!

Thanks already for the amazing support;)

I leave you with this: What’s one thing that’s been dangling on your list that keeps falling to the wayside?


Much Love,