The Year of Magical Dreaming

Chanukah, Charlie Browns & Mini Miracles

kat hurley, wife, elisa haggarty, charlie brown, christmas, tree

We scored the most perfect Charlie Brown tree this year, capping off  a warm and cozy weekend full of food, friends, fun, kittens and mini miracles.

kat hurley, charlie brown, christmas, tree, kitten, LouLou

I’m such a sucker for this season. The smell of pine, the twinkling lights, the cozy fireplaces, the kitten snuggles.

kat hurley, kitten, josie

I had never been to a Chanukah party before. Somehow I’d never even heard the simple story of Chanukah and it’s focus on mini miracles.

There were several small miracles at the dinner table Saturday night, as well as one big one: a perfectly moist and delicious 22 lb. organic turkey.


It was divine. Yet despite all the food and laughter and crude Cards Against Humanity jokes, Elisa and I left talking about the Chanukah story and the mini miracles.

Often times we have our eyes on the big prayers, the giant goals, the monstrous dreams, so much so that we miss the small miracles.

I love the idea of developing a practice of capturing and celebrating the little stuff, no matter how tiny.

Tis the season to begin, if you’re not already.

After all, a collection of mini’s compounded over time, is something big and great to celebrate.

I leave you with this: What is something you’ve cherished recently as a mini miracle?

For us, it’s a small miracle that the two kittens are beginning to show signs of love tolerance;)

kat hurley, christmas, charlie brown, kittensThey destroy things together! #bonding


Much Love,