The Year of Magical Dreaming

What I’ve Learned from 1,000 Daily Posts

In November 2013, I started this thing, this blog. I knew little where it was headed or how to garner traffic, I just wanted to write. After being away from writing for over a year (the time that it took to publish my book), I missed telling stories. Now, almost three years later, I’ve written nearly every damn day. My... Read More

You Can Have It All …

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You can have it all. Just not all at once. -Oprah As much as I’ve been loving this quote lately, it continues to be a hard lesson. Especially when it appears Oprah has it all at once! The comparison game … a dirty trap! I think those rolling hills I describe in the vlog (above) are built on boundaries and... Read More

The Obstacle is the Way

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I read The Obstacle is the Way: The timeless art of turning trials into triumphs by Ryan Holiday early last year. I have since heard it quoted one-billion-zillion times, now deemed a cult classic by those who know and love it. Of course this is no new idea, as Holiday describes (in above vid) extracting these concepts from ancient Stoicism. Buddhism... Read More

It’s Official! Mighty Failure: iTunes approved

Now you can download the brand new Mighty Failure podcast direct to your iPhone through iTunes! Just click the link, then subscribe, and you’ll be all set to receive each episode right in your podcast app on your phone. Listen during your commute, while you’re doing dishes, or even at the gym. Sidenote: You can even speed up the content. Listen... Read More

Unmistakable: Why only is better than best with Srini Rao

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I’m such a fan of Srini Rao and his podcast Unmistakable Creative, so I was excited to flip the script on him, pick his brain, and discuss his new book, Unmistakable: Why only is better than best.  Since I discovered Unmistakable Creative last year, Srini has become a distant mentor of mine. He is incredibly transparent about his setbacks and... Read More

Rio Games: T – 2!

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No secret here that I’m obsessed with the Olympics. I can’t even imagine the heart, the drive, the discipline. It’s truly remarkable. More than four years of training, and, for many, only a few minutes of competition. Be prepared to witness some serious blood, sweat and tears. Use it! Fire is contagious. Soak it up;) I leave you with this:... Read More

What Happened to Orlando? One artist is making sure we don’t forget

It’s not uncommon for us to lose sight of the effects of one tragedy when they quickly get buried by another. Since the Orlando shooting in June we’ve had one media maelstrom after another it seems. I was reminded of my friend, Rafael Esquer, and his team at Alfalfa Studios‘, efforts to keep Orlando in our hearts with this recent... Read More