The Year of Magical Dreaming

Mighty Failure Podcast: Episode 001 Intro

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If I told you how long it took me to record, edit and produce this lil’ rinky dink intro thing, I’m not sure whether you’d laugh at me, or cry with me. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been hot and clammy much of the week, in my balmy Brooklyn apartment, cursing at the screen. The issue: sound. I have yet... Read More

Taxes Schmaxes: Our wee lil problem with avoidance

This year I got one of those hold-your-breath pieces of mail from the IRS. I do my own taxes on Turbotax, so I’m always a little trepidatious of the mailbox in the weeks that follow tax day. I’d screwed up. I had not input my medical insurance correctly, and in bold print this letter stated: this may affect the amount... Read More

3 Min Marinade: Artificial intelligence & a benevolent universe

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This whole Pokeman Go! craze has me thinking about robots–people acting as such, that is. Here is a really cool vid about a real life robot, Bina-48. She’s pretty awesome. What I’m listening to: Leaps of Faith in a Benevolent Universe (Sounds True podcast) with my spirit crush, Lissa Rankin. What I’m reading: How to Fall into Intimacy Without Resistance Fave... Read More

Less Absolutely IS More (Results included)

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At the tail-end of April I wrote about my new lifestyle/exercise approach in this post: Why Less is Adding Up to Be Awesome. I had just read Primal Endurance and was all amped up on “intuitive training,” an approach, despite all my mindfulness, that all these years I’d mostly ignored. The premise was simple: Listen to your body. I even downloaded... Read More

Mindfulness Go: Hunting happiness

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Yesterday I drove to our new favorite Brooklyn beach with Elisa and our dear friend, Becky. This song came on just as we crossed the Marine Parkway Bridge, temps fell dramatically nearing the water, and the smell of ocean flooded the car. I sang loudly and danced while driving, wind in my hair, smiling from ear to ear, excited to... Read More

Pathways to Possibilities

I have so much to say about this Unmistakable Creative conversation with Ros Zander, but I’m going to wait to expand until I read her new book Pathways to Possibilities: Transforming our relationships with ourselves, each other and the world. I am constantly reminding myself, clients, family, friends, whoever will listen that we choose our reality. There is ALWAYS another way... Read More

Rethink Your Depression (For open minds only)

What if I told you depression is not a chemical condition, it’s a spiritual one? These sentiments, I’ve felt for some time, were shared by Marianne Williamson in last night’s talk, Tears to Triumph at the Marble Collegiate Church here in NYC. With a whole heck of a lot more street cred, I was thrilled to hear her say many... Read More