The Year of Magical Dreaming

Oh Happy Turkey Day

My very favorite holiday;) Elisa and I made the trek down from Brooklyn yesterday to Takoma Park, MD. We do my family for Thanksgiving and will be making the rounds for the next few days, visiting a whole host of Baltimore/DC friends and family. I’m not sure whether it’s the food, family, football, lingering fall, warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude,... Read More

Start With What You Have

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Today I was excited to see a Toastmasters’ mentee kill her 7th speech with the club. I can’t believe how far she has come in just a few short months. She said that it had helped her to know her strengths (I’d given her the Enneagram test to take, which I’ve written about here) and now she is no longer... Read More

Brave Enough

Unfortunately, much of the world is against us energetically. We sleep through our alarms because we never feel like we get enough rest. We wake up to old to-do lists offering proof that we’re never really going to get there. We open email inboxes containing more wants and needs of others, asking for our time, our money, our strength. We... Read More

Your Word Vs. YOU

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The words you speak become the house you live in. -Hafiz There is nothing more powerful than your word. It is the foundation for nearly everything. It is the basis of honesty and integrity and many other core values that keep us grounded. Hence, the reason why Don Miguel Ruiz uses Being Impeccable With Your Word as the first of... Read More

Turn Up the Gratitude, Baby!

I love this man. He’s got a great TED, an awesome book I’ve written about here, and now this fabulous Super Soul Session¬†with my girl, Oprah. This definition is great: Happiness–the joy we feel moving towards our potential. Just that lesson in itself is worth the watch. Most of us have happiness attached to an outcome. Achor clarifies that that’s... Read More

We’re Making a Movie!

The super fun and exciting news that I’ve been looking forward to sharing is that I Think I’ll Make It has inspired an amazing award-winning filmmaker here in NYC to bring it to life in a whole new way. We’re making a documentary, baby! I met Dara Bratt at Slope Fitness where she takes my Bootcamp class twice a week.... Read More

Waiting for Perfect

Waiting for perfect is just as silly as waiting for the right time. As every parent will ever tell you: there is no right time–to have babies that is. It’s the same with creative endeavors, passion projects and entrepreneurial ideas. What is that quote? “Go. Set. Ready.” Yesterday I compiled a bunch of clips from Toastmasters (the only speeches I... Read More