The Year of Magical Dreaming

2017 Abundance Or Bust!

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2016 was one for the record books, that’s for certain. Filled with uproarious laughter, and yet storms of tears. Magical heart blessings and painful heart breaks. New soul-filled kinship and evolving/lost connections. There was darkness and light. Fear and failure and frustration and flight. Just as there was music and dancing and carelessness and delight. Gorgeous sunrises and soothing sunsets.... Read More

When Suddenly You Wake Up Buried in Shit

I’m sitting here in my new coffee shop, drinking my new favorite hot beverage, in my new neighborhood, right across from my new apartment, as I write this–each of those things invigorating me in a way I would have never considered just a few months ago. Transition is funny that way. It happens and then a whole new world of... Read More

The Art of Doing: Camille Sweeney

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I’m thrilled to introduce to you my friend and fellow author/speaker, Camille Sweeney. She and her husband, Josh Gosfield, co-authored The Art of Doing: How superachievers do what they do and how they do it so well. Camille is the current president of New York Toastmasters, where we met each other nearly two years ago. She’s a TEDx speaker and... Read More

Stop Searching For Your Passion: Terri Trespicio

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I would consider my friend and mentor, Terri Trespicio, a media maven and branding guru who has an incredible intuitive approach to personal branding. She’s also a writer and stand-up comedian who suffers from the same doubts in creativity we all do. Her recent TED, Stop Searching For Your Passion, has garnered over 1.3 million hits and counting. In our... Read More

Leap, and the Net Will Appear: A spontaneous interview with Kim The Quitter

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A pleasant surprise of an email prompted this interview with friend and previous client of mine, Kim; I’ll call her, Kim The Quitter. In our time working together, Kim made drastic changes in her life that we discuss here in this episode. We often see quitting as such a shameful action, and yet you can hear in Kim’s voice the... Read More

Don’t Let Exercise Be Yet Another Thing to Beat Yourself Up

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I’ve never been a calorie counting, exercise log, weigh my food kinda gal, but now that I’ve adopted this ‪#‎primalblueprint‬ mindset, I’m beginning to realize just how much I subconsciously calculated more than I realized. DONE ARE THE DAYS! I’ve changed three things: most of my workouts are in hr zone (180-your age), I eat when I’m hungry–don’t when I’m... Read More

Good Cop, Bad Daughter: An unlikely police officer with Karen Lynch

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I’m so excited for you to meet my friend and fellow author, Karen Lynch, of Good Cop, Bad Daughter. She has an incredible story that I know you’ll enjoy, as well as some amazing insight, given all her vast, extraordinary experiences. We talk all things surviving a chaotic childhood, depression and mental illness, creativity and writing, politics and black lives matter,... Read More