The Year of Magical Dreaming

Be You With No Gimmicks

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I never imagined I had much of anything in common with Kobe Bryant. I’m not much of a bball buff, so beyond the big headlines, he hasn’t come across my radar. In this interview though, I’m definitely picking up what he’s putting down. I might even be a new fan.

Turns out he’s also obsessed with other people’s vision, drive, success–picking their brains in his free time.

Now, if only I had Kobe’s Rolodex: “I just cold-call people,” he says.

Oprah, Hilary Swank, Arianna Huffington, Nike bigwigs, Apple’s head designer; pshhhhh!

His game preparation is similar to how I chunk goals and help my clients achieve theirs–seeing the big picture first and then working backward, one component at a time.

As a marketing adviser, he suggest: Be yourself. I couldn’t agree more. I had zero success in much of anything until I opened up honestly and authentically to myself and others.

I also dig his opinion on the Lebron move: “As long as he’s following his personal truth.” I wish we could all have opinions so genuine.

I leave you with this: Gimmicks don’t win championships. They also don’t fulfill dreams. Go the personal truth route instead–winning all day!


Much Love,