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Here I am. All beatboxin’, belting showtunes, crying at commercials, meditating n’ skateboarding, 100% of me.

My goal is to bring all that I am to add more value to your world–one you may have never imagined–by giving you the tools to take on immediately and begin living your dream and creating the life you desire.

Funny I ever questioned my purpose, because looking back I have been coaching, teaching, writing and entertaining since the 3rd grade. Duh!

kat hurley selfie christmas 2014Now I’m an optimism evangelist, a gratitude junkie, and a mindfulness missionary; a total turnaround from who I was just a few short years ago.

For as long as I can remember, I hid behind the veil of victimhood; not so much outwardly, but inwardly for sure. I bandaged old wounds with drinking, drugs, drama/relationships. I rode the roller coaster of fear and scarcity-thinking that kept my dreams distant and the thought of finding purpose, impossible.

I’d been carting around baggage since I was a kid, trying to shuffle and sort it over the years to make the weight of it all more manageable. Yet, with guilt, grief, shame, fear, pride, anger and jealousy at the foundation, I had no chance. Especially when Greed, Regret, Failure and Envy came to visit. It would all come spilling out. The ugly truth that I had little self respect, marginal self worth, and a piss-poor attitude on spirituality.

kat hurley in 1985It wasn’t until all the s%$t hit the fan, as it tends to in these kinds of stories, when I was forced to really take a look at myself, inspecting for the first time my own jarring reflection. It was 2007, I was twenty-nine, and everything that I’d imagined for my life was pulled out from under me: my job, my house, my relationship, my dog, my truck. And like a drunken cowboy with his tired song, I walked off into the sunset, sorely defeated.

As it turns out, it was the best thing that could have ever happened. In fact, it’s such a good story, I wrote a whole book about it;) It’s been deemed, a hard core Eat, Pray, Love with lesbians and surfing. Chances are, if you’ve read this far, you’ll love it.

kat hurley in Hong Kong, 2010I wrote I Think I’ll Make It in Hong Kong (2010) where I began waking up to my dream: traveling, writing and living life by my own design. Since returning back to the US (2012), landing in Brooklyn NYC, I have been on the mission to live my dream (as an author, speaker, coach), conquer my fears and hone my purpose, all while daring you to do it with me.

My blog, The Year of Magical Dreaming, was born out of the raw intention to try and fail and try again, proving that it might not be pretty, but it’s momentum nonetheless, and that’s all we need to create change. Not just in us, but in the world.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. And more importantly, I honor you for beginning yours. Let’s do this!


Much Love,

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Professional Bio

kat hurley head shot 2015Kat Hurley is the author of I Think I’ll Make It: A true story of lost and found. She’s an inspirational storyteller and live your dream life coach in Brooklyn, NY, making over motivation on her blog The Year of Magical Dreaming.com. Kat holds a master’s degree in education and taught high school for seven years. She’s a life-long athlete, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Kat’s mission: To enlist gamechangers. Kat Hurley will help you realize your greatest potential and show you how to gift it to the world.