The Year of Magical Dreaming

27 Truths: Living out loud

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This post was inspired by Chelsea at LiveYourLegend, a blog/community I’ve been following for a few years, where with every recent post I’m still shocked by the sudden loss of founder Scott Dinsmore.

I often think I’ve told you everything. I’ve written an entire book about my whole sloppy mess, and I continue to rehash it here on the blog.

And yet, I still think even with all that “authenticity” social media has a way of projecting Team Transformation as something we’re totally not–I’m totally not.

I know it’s not Tuesday, but let’s be real. It’s about to get transparent up in this piece. (first 27-ish items that came to mind … in no particular order)

1. I have two adorable kittens, whom I adore, and yet I still identify as a dog person.

2. We haven’t owned a TV in six years and there are still stacks and stacks of unfinished books littered about.

3. According to my new Garmin, I sit too much.

4. I wouldn’t exactly say we live in “the nicest” part of Brooklyn.

5. I don’t meditate as formally as I’d like.

6. I still have fears about not becoming/accomplishing the person/thing I’ve been put on this earth to be/do.

7. I secretly judge people who judge people.

8. I want to be so wealthy that my job title evolves into: philanthropist.

9. Before I met Elisa, I was seriously contemplating becoming a monk.

10. I’m at my most peaceful/one with life/nature, in the ocean.

11. I’m unapologetically optimistic, and pay for it in small ways all the time, but never enough to change.

12. I’m not afraid to die — only afraid of the painful things that could kill me.

13. I’m not “book smart” as they say, and have a fairly poor vocabulary. My friend sent me a TIMES article today that I swore was above my reading level. Naturally, I abhor all things Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit and crosswords.

14. Words like faith, trust, hope, peace, forgiveness, gratitude, love, abundance, grace jazz me up and keep me buzzing most days.

15. I’m being 100% honest when I say that I haven’t had a bad day in seven years (and counting). Moments, sure–I simply refuse to ever be a victim (of whatever!) for another day.

16. My super power: Gratitude

17. My kryptonite: Scarcity mindset

18. I often question whether I’m still an addict.

19. I still question sexuality–I identify as LOVE.

20. My faith: also LOVE.

21. Elisa’s favorite thing to say to me in a fight: “Look who’s so mindful now!!”

22. The superhero fantasy is real. I think because so many people saved me along the way, I feel indebted to save the world right back.

23. I’m a chronic habit starter/stopper. I can build and break a habit like nobody’s business.

24. I don’t know enough about politics to effectively endorse my candidate.

25. I’m embarrassed that I can never remember specifics about books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen.

26. I am envious of people who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up long before I did.

27. I adore my very feisty, often bossy and beautiful wife who has believed in me more than anyone in the whole wide world. I have no doubt that my mom and Gma hand-picked her right out of the whole pack in that tiny little Jersey town because they just knew she’d both support me and push me to be better everyday–oh, and that she’d dance with me like a dork in the kitchen on the daily. Our current theme song hasn’t shaken our conviction that we’re on the right track, nor has it stopped us from traveling (thanks to Airbnb), doing the work that we love, or feeling abundant every night (well, most nights;) [Aside: these are all nice things I would have liked to includ in our wedding vows, but since I was so hell bent on every other detail … I forgot that very important minor-ish detail. And when I winged it she could totally tell;)]

27.5 Yes, there was gluten in that pizza;)

I leave you with this: What’s one thing that many people don’t know about you that you might feel liberated if you shared?


Much Love,