The Year of Magical Dreaming

2017 Abundance Or Bust!

kat hurley, angel wings, angel wings project

2016 was one for the record books, that’s for certain. Filled with uproarious laughter, and yet storms of tears. Magical heart blessings and painful heart breaks. New soul-filled kinship and evolving/lost connections.

There was darkness and light. Fear and failure and frustration and flight. Just as there was music and dancing and carelessness and delight. Gorgeous sunrises and soothing sunsets. There was anger and hurt, pity and regret. And yet for all the downs, there were innumerable ups. Another reminder, it takes each day of 365 to fill this bottomless cup.

Bring it on 2017! Abundance all around. To love, to chance, to trust, to faith, to the ride that is life, and cherishing every bit of it!

Wishing YOU a very happy and healthy New Year and an abundant 2017!

We got this!!


Much Love,