The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Best Relationship Advice Ever: Own Your Shiz

I have this one client who studies psychology. So as I boss him around the gym, we jam out on all things personal development and relationships. “At least I own my shit!” is a constant phrase we bounce back and forth. He, like me, takes pride in the fact that he knows when he’s being ridiculous. I often use the... Read More

The Crowded Stinky Subway Paradox

Despite the smell of urine that blankets the humid tunnels, the extremely close encounters with questionable hygiene, and the constant anxiety of “where’s the train?” or “why is it stopping?” or “what if we’re trapped?” I love the subway! I know daily commuters who would scoff at my enthusiasm, but it’s true. I rarely ride where I don’t take in... Read More

The Physiology of Winners and Losers

I love this article on the biology of winning and losing: These Two Hormones Divide Winners from Losers┬ámy friends, and upcoming Mighty Failure guests, Camille and Josh, wrote for the Observer. This article arrived in my inbox rather serendipitously given that we’ve been doing a lot of riding the wave of winning and losing in our house this summer. It... Read More

Adventures Upstate in the Finger Lakes

I feel like the older I get the more reluctant I am to go on adventures, especially those that thrust me out of my comfort zone. On Friday afternoon we left the sticky hot city, two acquaintances and I, with nearly six hours of potential awkward small talk stretched ahead of us. This is scary stuff for me, I’ve only... Read More

Mighty Failure Podcast: Episode 001 Intro

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If I told you how long it took me to record, edit and produce this lil’ rinky dink intro thing, I’m not sure whether you’d laugh at me, or cry with me. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been hot and clammy much of the week, in my balmy Brooklyn apartment, cursing at the screen. The issue: sound. I have yet... Read More

Taxes Schmaxes: Our wee lil problem with avoidance

This year I got one of those hold-your-breath pieces of mail from the IRS. I do my own taxes on Turbotax, so I’m always a little trepidatious of the mailbox in the weeks that follow tax day. I’d screwed up. I had not input my medical insurance correctly, and in bold print this letter stated: this may affect the amount... Read More