The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Brooklyn, Diesel & Dads

It was such a nice weekend at HOME. I do love to travel, but nothing says vacation like a rare weekend with few plans. Friday I took a beautiful walk in my not-so-scenic but very lively neighborhood with Marianne Williamson’s new book, Tears to Triumph. I spent the rest of the evening in my quiet happy place, writing. I’ve also... Read More

Why I’m In Love With the World, Regardless

I saved this post title months ago, having been inspired by the thought, but never had the time to flesh it out. For some reason, in the midst of this swampiness of cynicism, in the wake of recent tragedies, I feel called to revisit the idea. This agitated US campaign climate has us all feeling edgy, to say the least.... Read More

Orchestrate Your Passion

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I read Steven Kotler’s Rise of Superman a couple years ago now, so this Shot of Awe with Jason Silva dissecting Kotler on passion caught my attention. The discussion on passion has been interesting lately. A couple days ago I posted an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert where she is continually course correcting her language NOT to include this illusive quest... Read More

3 Min Marinade: Travel, family & Orlando

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I’m back on the road. This time, my nephew’s high school graduation brings us to Va Beach. It was a long drive, but the pre- pre- party started upon arrival, 10PM;) I was up with my niece and nephew till way beyond my bedtime talking life, college, and “don’t do what I did!” During the 7-hour drive, I got plenty... Read More

Hurt People, Hurt People #Pulse

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I know tragedies like the Orlando Pulse shooting make us feel all the feelings, including the worst, in my eyes, hopelessness. When I’m without hope on how to change policy or how to contribute to the cause, often times, I just do me. As I wrote this poem, I thought about all the hurt people who hurt people, and even... Read More

Coming Soon … Mighty Failure Podcast!

I am so excited to reveal the podcast album art that my dear friend, Rafael Esquer, and his talented team at Alfafa Studios has been working on for the past few weeks. I have been busy behind the scenes completing two podcast courses with CreativeLive, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be without simply diving in. In the next... Read More

I’m Feeling Myself

I got so slayed by Beyonce last night. Wow! What a show. Funny, I had gotten into an argument with a gentleman friend earlier yesterday afternoon defending my “bow-down” feelings for The Queen. My argument was in the form of women’s empowerment and redefining body image, which he wasn’t willing to consider. “She’s just another sell out,” he said, “selling... Read More