The Year of Magical Dreaming

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External Goals: Never add up to enough

I couldn’t believe it when this “first cover mockup” popped up on my FB memory this week. It’s only been three years!! I let it sink in for a few moments: Oh my God. So much has happened in three years. I distinctly remember the fear and vulnerability I was feeling during these summer months, 2013. I honestly felt like... Read More

Borderline Batshit: The fine line between crazy and “normal”

I was checking in with an old client last week. Our program together had just finished in the spring and it seemed like each week she received one wrecking ball of news after another: she was being downsized at work, her dad passed away, she broke up with her guy. It was clearly one of those divine storm seasons of... Read More

Camp Bravehearts: Gratitude & Generosity

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Positive intentions were the theme of this weekend’s Camp Bravehearts on the majestic, Shelter Island. Gratitude and generosity are at the core of everything this powerful group of women do, from keeping the camp running through grants and fundraisers to creating the bond that is the sisterhood of these brave survivors. With the stunning backdrop of Camp Quinipet, campers hiked... Read More

NYC Pride: The Gays Paint the Town

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It’s been a couple years since Elisa and I celebrated NYC Pride. I’ve always said, you’ve seen one parade, you’ve seen ’em all. But, as you might imagine, something about this year felt different. With the recent events in Orlando, the ongoing conversations over bathrooms, refusing service to gays, and not to mention the heated upcoming election, this pride seemed... Read More

The Thing About Water

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I loved this Unmistakable Creative podcast with Wallace Nichols,┬áThe Surprising Science of Water, which confirmed everything I’ve ever believed about the majestic powers of water. Being a surfer, I consider the ocean a second home. It’s my meditation, my happy place, the space where I’m most present and therefore alive. What I didn’t realize is that just being near and... Read More

It’s Not Everyday You Can Be A Rockstar …

k-town, NYC, Korean karaoke, kat hurley
… But on the days you can, I say go for it! Yesterday was such a fabulous day of celebration. A dear friend’s birthday was a wonderful excuse to spa and splurge and wail our way through almost two hours of Korean Karaoke, here in K-Town, NYC. I haven’t laughed that hard since my shrooming days in college. I always... Read More