The Year of Magical Dreaming

Post Archive:May, 2016

How Awe Can Save You From Yourself

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats As we head into summer, vacations and roadtrips where we’re able to lose ourselves for a few days at a time, how can we bottle some of that ahhhh to bring back home with us to get us to the next break?... Read More

Thank You 4 R Freedom!

I had such an amazing few days away in the woods with a fabulous group of friends. As it goes, we spent the weekend full of fun and sun, and more fun, hardly stopping to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day. Today, as we drove home, I saw this sign (above) and was reminded of all those who sacrifice... Read More

Random Brooklyn Run Aha’s #vlog

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My brother is in town for Fleet Week, so vlogs might be my jam for the rest of the week as I’ll be playing tourist with him in midtown for the next two days. Friday we hope to shoot some more footage for the upcoming I Think I’ll Make It documentary with the fabulous, and finally not-so-swamped, Dara Bratt. Also,... Read More

Make Bad Stuff!

I always used to make the joke: Not all art is fridgeworthy! It was a metaphor to the latest trend: everyone gets a trophy. Perhaps it’s a whole ‘nother post entirely, the increase in entitlement of the everyone-gets-a-trophy generation. And the fact that we’re now trying to teach winning and losing to those who have grown up believing we all... Read More

The Death Dream: A call to action

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I had the weirdest dream last night. I’ve been having a lot of anxious dreams lately, now that I think about it. And I’m not even an anxious person, so to have anxious dreams (outside of wedding planning) is really odd for me. I had been sentenced to death. For a speeding ticket, poorly defended. I hadn’t taken it seriously, and... Read More

The Passion Police: You have no right to remain bored

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Still one of the most consistent questions I get in my practice is: Can you help me find my passion? “Find my passion” is such a misnomer. We don’t ever find passion as if it were ever lost, instead, we evolve into it. The other misconception is that we’ll finally be motivated once we figure it out. Yet, if we... Read More

You, Me, Fitness & Prancercise

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Just last month I wrote about Why Less is Adding Up to Be Awesome, my new only moderately intense workout plan that I’ve been looking forward to sharing more with you. For years I’ve been pounding away with bootcamp classes, endurance training, heavy lifting and plyos upon plyos with no real end in sight. I’d always joke, “I work out... Read More