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Progress: Ain’t always pretty

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I often hear, “I’m not flexible.” Or, “my body doesn’t do yoga.” Elisa always says, “It’s boring!” I’ll be honest, it was an acquired taste for me too. It’s like the first time I drank vodka and spit it out. It wasn’t until I learned the amazing things it could do for me that I found a way to get... Read More

Make It Count

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I can never get enough of any zero to hero story, and my latest intrigue is Casey Neistat, filmaker, youtube vlogger, jetsetter, adventurer. According to his wikipedia page, he was living in a trailer park with his family before taking the leap and moving to NYC, where he’d bus tables and cook before his early beginnings making art installations (2001). In... Read More

Why Less is More is Adding Up to Be Awesome

In perfect harmony with my 20-16 fitness goal of flexibility, I just finished reading Primal Endurance by Mark Sisson.  My favorite part about the book, although quite technical–packed with studies and endurance athlete jargon, was its intuitive approach. “Ditch the workout plan!” was a running (pun intended;) theme, and listen more to the body. Not enough sleep? Postpone your hard run.... Read More

3 Min Marinade: E’ryday we’re hustlin’

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“I did anything to pay the rent so I could write.” – Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda #time100 I can’t believe this is the direction we’re headed, technology for the soul😉 or this one for everything! The productivity apps just keep coming: I’m getting these two! Lastpass & Flux. I’m not a subscriber, but I love this short preview clip with my... Read More

The Delusion of Disease

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Let me begin this post by saying–shocker–I am not a doctor. That’s why I’ve included this Bulletproof podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, only the Godfather of functional medicine, and author of The Disease Delusion. That said, I am constantly frustrated in conversation with clients/strangers/friends/family who have accepted their diagnosis/diagnoses as gospel. I have anxiety. I’m bipolar. I have a thyroid... Read More

Nourishment: What we need more of and how it will change us

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This could be food, drink, noise, TV/news, energy at home/office, social media, literally EVERYTHING we take in is what I consider nourishment. All this stuff, is it nourishing you or depleting you? I look for healthy organic foods, for instance, to nourish me, thought provoking articles, books, podcasts to nourish me, breath work, sleep, meditation and movement (running, walking, biking,... Read More

3 Min. Marinade: Forecast, Purple Rain

I don’t know what’s more upsetting, learning that Prince died, or finding out–a day late, and several tipped 40’s short–that we were just minutes away Thurs night from Spike Lee’s Brooklyn block party celebrating the life of the man, formerly and most recently, known as fabulous, aka, Prince. In other less disappointing news, are you a blamer? I love this... Read More