The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Everything Will Be OK …

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(Play vid HERE.) Everything will be OK … As soon as we’re OK with everything. I love this quote from Untethered Soul, a book I’ve read twice and am itching to read again. I cannot tell you how often I discuss resistance in my work with clients. Resistance to body. Resistance to job. Resistance to family/upbringing. … diagnosis. … divorce.... Read More

The Gift of Your Music

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“Don’t die with your music still in you,” was one of the late Wayne Dyer’s favorite quotes. I’m almost certain he said it in every one of his lectures. It was a quote that troubled me for several years when I first heard it, back in early 2008: “But what’s my music?!” I knew I had gifts to give to... Read More

Intro Meditation #3: Mantra what?

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I found this great resource on mantras at Deepak’s home base. Here are some examples of mantras and what they mean. Some are more difficult to say than others. I was joking with a friend that Deepak had me tongue-tied in a recent meditation. I quit the mantra mid-meditation and made up my own;) I don’t always use a mantra,... Read More

3 Minute Marinade: Drunk in love

Happy Easter, if Jesus is your jam. For me Easter has never been the same since my Gma passed away, but I do love a good hunt. I’m looking forward to kids with chocolate all over their faces and chaos in Jersey with Elisa’s fam. Two updates: I made it snooze-freeĀ (for the second year in a row) through Lent! It... Read More

How to Stop Outsourcing Our Happiness

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“Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind, and therefore their real causes cannot be found outside the mind.” -Gen Kelsang Nyema I never understood this concept until I experienced it for myself. For years I’d been searching for happiness outside myself: when I’d get the right job, when I’d finally settle in the perfect relationship, when I’d become completely debt-free.... Read More

No Sex of Humor For YOU

It’s a rare night when Elisa and I make the commitment to shut down early and have a QT [quality time] date night, just the two of us at home–no Netflix, no books, no distractions. We always promise to be better, but our schedules clash, we get busy and, and like many couples, time slips away. Just a week or... Read More

If Information Were Enough We’d All Have Six Pack Abs AND …

Millions of dollars … That ever elusive life balance … Happiness … All of it! How many times in your life have you said/thought: I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it? I’ve said it myself hundreds, if not thousands, of times. So what’s the dealio? Where are we falling short? What are the roadblocks? Sometimes... Read More