The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Emotional Freedom Technique: Relive it right, the good, the bad, the ugly

I once did an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping session with a friend; she’d just learned the technique. EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. Sitting on her living room floor, we began... Read More

Superbowl 50: Believe in Love

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I’ll admit, I didn’t even know who was playing this evening. I always joke: I’m in it for the commercials;) This was my favorite meme of the day: We’re at Brooklyn Whole Foods, eating $5 organic wings and hanging out with our two new friends: Elyo and Alemina, ages 9 and 7 respectively. Elyo just asked if I was Elisa’s... Read More

The Powerful Blessings of Rock Bottom

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I haven’t had a bad day in over seven years. True story. People forever think I’m whack-a-doodle when I let them in on this little secret. It comes with two disclaimers: Yes, times have sucked. It hasn’t all been roses and sunshine. And two: Rock bottom is a terrific place to build a strong foundation;) Today, a client at the... Read More

Improve Any Relationship With This Simple Nighttime Routine

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I’ve listened to two podcasts in recent weeks that got me thinking about this concept of improving relationships: School of Greatness with Lisa NicholsĀ and The Good Life Project with Elena Brower. In each of them they mentioned a way of parenting I’d never considered, but I find powerful and plan to use when I get there (a few more years).... Read More

Momastery: A Real Life Truth Teller

kat hurley and glennon doyle melton, momastery
I think it was one of my favorite renegade mom’s, JK, who introduced me to Glennon Doyle Melton and her blog Momastery. Although I’m not a mom yet, when I stumbled upon Glennon’s ah-mazing book, Carry On Warrior: The power of embracing your beautiful messy life, I thought … yes, addict, I can meet her at addict, oh, and depression,... Read More

Make Cool Shit

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I just got off the phone with a client who has been feeling stagnant in her work and wondering if she’s on the right path to passion. She has a job of purpose, and yet feels unfulfilled. When we first began work together a few months ago, she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t happier and more satisfied. After our first... Read More

Meditation on Life & Rebirth

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I thought this was an appropriate follow up to yesterday’s Aging Booth: Gray is the new black post;) This video also killed me, which got me thinking about the eb and flow of life and rebirth. In many eastern cultures it’s common to meditate on death, yet here in the west we cringe at the thought. This meditation is to... Read More