The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Sun is in Pisces!

I know almost nothing about Astrology, except that I couldn’t be any more Pisces if I tried. Hence the tramp stamp artfully crafted ink I have on my back;) When I lived in Hawaii, where it’s common for people to ask your sign before they even ask your name, I always got a kick out of the reactions: a cringe and... Read More

Feeling All The Feelings: It’s my birthday week!

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It’s my birthday week and I’m supposed to be writing a speech for a big contest Monday and instead I’m shopping for gifts (for myself) online, listening to podcasts–like this amazing Robcast with Elizabeth Gilbert, and finding plenty of excuses to eat cupcakes. I’m still chuckling about this conversation I had with a client yesterday: I think she said, “I’m... Read More

Adulting: The final fronteir

As a creative and entrepreneur, I’m constantly rating my performance on how much I’ve accomplished in the day. “Accomplishments” are regularly under scrutiny given that an empty inbox feels arguably satisfying, yet does nothing for my business and creativity. I’m forever reading pro-tips on productivity, but some days just break all the rules all on their own. I had ambitious... Read More

Receive, Dammit!

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I talk about receiving often in my work with clients, in workshops and even with close friends and family. As adults, we’re terrible at receiving compliments, gifts, kind gestures, you name it. My favorite are kids: Me: Wow! That’s an awesome shirt you’re wearing. Cool kid: I know. Translation: Isn’t it great! Thank you. We could learn a lot from... Read More

Ride Aha’s: Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re warm somewhere, cuddled up, enjoying the holiday weekend. We’re trekking back to Brooklyn tomorrow morning. We’ve been here in Deep Creek scoring a solid windburn. Mission accomplished! (vlog-clip–if play button above is not working) Here’s my first (icy) x-country skiing expedition: #fail Enjoy! #Onward Much Love,

Choose the Thing You’ve Been Missing

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Each week since I began my 2016 yoga goal of flexibility, I’ve written in my Five Minute Journal that I wish I was doing more of it. The daily question: How could today have been better? more often than not is answered with, “yoga.” Now that I’m doing it at home with Do Yoga With, I have much more... Read More

For Lent: Giving up the snooze button (Part Deux)

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Last year I had a successful Lenten 40 day cleanse from the snooze. I was adamant, and it worked like a charm–although difficult some days, as expected. Just as Gretchen Rubin writes in her new book Better Than Before: Abstaining altogether is much easier than moderating, for most people that is. I’m a decent moderator in many arenas, but when it comes to... Read More