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Changing the World From a Park Bench

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I was thrilled to soak up some Vit-D today. That’s always my biggest gripe about winter: not enough light! After my dear friend, Dara, and I completed the 3-ish mile loop run around Prospect Park, we parted ways and I went in search of a park bench flooded with sunshine. Honestly, my meditation has been shit lately. I was excited... Read More

Little Loss, Still a Big Win

Tonight I competed in the Area Contest for Round 2¬†of Toastmasters International. Last year I made it to the 3rd round. I’m a better speaker this year. I had a better speech. I was confident. This was the game face, even! But, no W. I got second. I spoke first. I felt good about my speech. When the second speaker... Read More

Crap Out, Clean In: Spring cleaning cleanse time

First there was this photo today (while I was looking for a headshot):   And then this one:   Which made me almost choke seeing this one:   I honestly believe there is a time and place for everything, even pizza and beer for breakfast;) But I also know there is a time to focus on nourishment and what fuels... Read More

Good Effin Pledge!

You know how we didn’t like rules as kids? And then we set rules for ourselves as adults and get just as much pleasure breaking them. Until the guilt sets in, that is. I learned about Good Fucking Design Advice through one of my favorite podcasts: The Unmistakable Creative. As I scrolled their site, I found this pledge, and I... Read More

Winning By the Skin of My Teeth

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Last night I had the pleasure of competing against four friends in the first stage of Toastmaster’s International Competition 2016. I honestly would have been happy if any of us had won–part of the reason I love this club so much. When they called me up for the second place win, I was naturally disappointed, but it made sense. I... Read More

You Sure Know How to Make an Ol’ Girl Feel Special

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Holy moly, what an amazing week! I got to bookend my birthday with an awesome snowboard trip in the arctic tundra with family last weekend, and then this weekend an incredibly sneaky surprise party with friends and family in Brooklyn, followed by some 90’s hip-hop bootyshakin’. What more could I ask for? And, the celebration continues (there were some rain... Read More

Live the Rich Life

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I went out the other night with an old friend who’s in the midst of a big career change. Naturally, the conversation turned to money. She, like me, had grown up with a lot more than many, and yet the conversation at home was always around lack. This language is the foundation of our money blueprint and without a strong... Read More