The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Your Biggest Regret: NOT (blank)

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Often my biggest regret is not starting sooner. As I mentioned before, had I begun this podcast when I started dreaming it up, I’d be a pro by now! What I like about this ad [above], more so than other messages of the same flavor, is the emphasis on clean slate. Regret is a rather silly emotion if we don’t... Read More

No Experience Necessary

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I love to remind my clients who are seeking to make big changes in their life that I was completely unqualified for almost every job I’ve ever been hired for. My first restaurant job I had fudged that I worked at a pizza place one summer at the beach that had burned down–true story (the burning down part, not the... Read More

The Days that Change You: Challenger disaster

It broke my heart to read this NPR story of the man who believes, even 30 years later, that he was responsible for the Challenger Explosion of ’86. I remember that day so differently, of course. It never fails to fascinate me the days that change us, often the very same significant days in history, yet, for some, in such... Read More

The Mighty Failure Podcast

I’ve been struggling with this podcast title decision for the past couple weeks. So many of you made such good cases for each side: Mighty Failure vs Dedication LAB. I even went off the grid and started back at square one: the thesaurus … playing around with words like Radical and Remarkable that were speaking to me as well. But... Read More

Generating Energy in Creative Genius #vlog

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Here’s the School of Greatness podcast with Jason Silva that got me all fired up. I was just talking about this very concept on the blog the other day with: There’s Never Enough Time.    My badass friend Megan in her creative genius–well one of her many modes of genius. PS … One more connection I made to yesterday’s Clean Plate... Read More

Clean Plate Club: Card carrying member

I notice more and more lately when people leave food on their plate. Once I’ve talked myself out of asking, like I’ve never seen food before, for their last few bites, I’m always so amazed at the discipline. Who does that? I think. In reality, I’m envious. Just as I was with those kids who didn’t drink in high school,... Read More

There’s Never Enough Time

I used to live by the MO: there’s never enough time. It’s one of those socially accepted rants that unconsciously rule our day-to-day, like: Monday’s suck, traffic sucks, life sucks, etc. I got into teaching because I’d always been a teacher and it seemed like a natural progression of things. But really I’d gotten into teaching because I wanted to... Read More