The Year of Magical Dreaming

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What We Can All Learn About Visualization From Jimmy V

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I’ve known about Jimmy V for years. Having a baller wife makes it nearly impossible not to be at least acquainted with the legends. I’ve watched the now infamous Jimmy V Espy’s speech a few times and never with a dry eye. Still, there was plenty I didn’t know about the man and what he’d accomplished as a coach. His... Read More

We See the World Through Our Experiences

Today I’m at the post office in my neighborhood, waiting in the ridiculously long and seasonally disgruntled pick-up line with my pink slip in hand, curious as to what I’d ordered and why I didn’t just send it to my in laws address. I’d rather drive to Jersey than wait in this line!¬†Nearly 5 PM, I’m grateful when I see... Read More

Your Resolution Won’t Work Unless You Do This!

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We’re mostly all talk, right? Little on the (consistent) action side. Me included. Some of us have gotten to the point where we don’t even say it out loud: our goals, our hopes, our resolutions. Save the embarrassment. I’ve been there. Most of us can will ourselves through January, but February becomes a whole new challenge because willpower is a... Read More

Best Of 2015! Looking Back On the Very Fine Year that it Was

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I’ve been thinking about compiling a Best-of for a few weeks now, but boy am I technically challenged. Maybe I’ll add Google Analytics and SEO to my things-to-master-in 20-16 list. Turns out you can’t just be cute and witty anymore to get traffic;) I have to admit it was cool taking a look back at the year. A lot more... Read More

Big City Dreams Built on Small Town Love

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Elisa and I make a point to visit Lambertville¬†at least twice a year, the small New Jersey river town where we met/fell in love (2009). During the summer we enjoy walking/biking trails, everything in bloom, and even the periodic lazy river tube ride. In the winter, it’s more of a brisk stroll around town, checking out all the new shops,... Read More

It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas!

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The wonder and joy and magic of Christmas makes the holidays my favorite season of the year. People tend to be more generous, more patient, more kind. Hope fills the space where the year’s end has released regret. Days are shorter and time feels more precious. The first season’s snow makes us giddy like children again. I suggest we bottle... Read More

Airing of Grievances: Proper Festivus tradition

For someone who drinks from the holy grail of gratitude, I only recently came to realize that my coveted daily practice may need some serious tweaking. It turns out that rose colored glasses aren’t meant to gloss things over in a nice velvety sheen. I knew better, but I’d gotten swept up I suppose. Where several teachers talk about full... Read More