The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Laundry Night: Transparent Saturday #vlog

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In honor of the female Russian astronauts, I gave my hair and makeup team the night off;) I really did bust my ass. The granny cart got jammed in a crack on the curb and when it fell suddenly, I tumbled right on top of it. My backpack even flew over my head. Ha! I’m a mess. So yes, we’re... Read More

Just When You Thought … Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse

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It can’t get any worse than this–I always find myself getting nervous when I have that feeling. “This is a test, this is only a test …”┬áplays in my mind. I’ve come to expect that when I fear things couldn’t get any worse, my definition of “worse” is being challenged, like whoa. I suppose it’s true. My “worst” is still... Read More

Every Good Team Needs a Mediator

It was just before our honeymoon that Elisa suggested we see someone. Here we are two coaches, so immediately my ego was all, “but we know all the strategies! What could a therapist possibly have to offer?” Not to mention that it was just before our honeymoon. “Really? We need this already?” I slept on it, as I try to... Read More

The Abusive Relationship We Keep Coming Home To

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Nothing like coming home to a red light camera violation and two speed camera tickets here in NYC. Welcome back!! They just installed a speed camera in front of the Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway where they recently lowered the speed limit to 25 MPH, yet the normal flow of traffic is 40 MPH. There was no sign or friendly... Read More

Twisted Swiss-ters

Elisa and I are loving Switzerland. I’m not sure whether it’s the fall foliage on the river, or the view of the Alps just beyond the lake, or the clean streets and friendly people. We’ve just been smiling since we stepped off the plane. PS … I can’t say the word foliage and not think of the fall Whine About... Read More

Not Just Another Tour

Today we had our last official tour in Old Town Dubrovnik. We learned all sorts of facts about the construction, reconstruction and restoration of the town walls after battles, sieges and numerous earthquakes. I think the only reason Elisa was able to hold on during this tour was the interwoven stories our guide incorporated into her spiel, that and the... Read More

Where in the World is Effin Montenegro?

We found out where Montenegro is yesterday, but boy had you offered me a million dollars the day prior, I couldn’t have told you. After this trip and all these historical tours, I joked with Elisa, come the holidays my Trivial Pursuit game might be worth a pie piece or two;) I dragged Elisa on a tiny tour bus, just... Read More