The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Most of Us, We’ve Won the Lottery

It was a rough night last eve in the Hurley/Haggarty household, I’m not gonna lie. Some family stuff turned dark and heavy really quickly, and my heart hurt in a way I’d forgotten it could. The details aren’t important, but just know the mood was desperate and bleak. I went to bed not knowing what the morning would bring. And... Read More

We’re Hiring!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time and have no idea what has stopped me except perhaps my own limiting beliefs. And since that’s exactly what we’re here to bustĀ invite to afternoon tea, I’ve decided to ready the krumpets! It was likely the confirmation of learning I was a hummingbird from Liz Gilbert the other night that... Read More

Monday Meditations: Trust & Faith

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I leave you with this: What is your practice of deepening trust and faith in self and in others? Also, if you’re enjoying these meditations, please share with anyone you think might enjoy them too! Sharing is caring and caring is good karma;) #Onward Much Love,

Music: the portal to the soul

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We watched a great docu last night on dementia and nursing homes: Alive Inside. There were a few clips from the movie that went viral last year on social media, but we never got a chance to see the full film. More than drugs, more than conversation, even more than touch, it was the music that brought them out of... Read More

Who Are You?: Why self discovery is so important

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I saved this quote for you recently, but now I can’t find the author: “You won’t know what to do until you know who you are. This is why self discovery is so important.” I agree wholeheartedly, and therefore could have written it myself, but I can’t take the credit. So, whomever he/she is, in my eyes, was spot on!... Read More

Big Magic: Unbound

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What a riveting conversation on creativity and fear with Elizabeth Gilbert and Sarah JonesĀ this evening. I meant to take notes and capture quotes for you, but instead all I ended up with was this creepy selfie fail;) Sarah Jones was the perfect pairing for this discussion on personifying fear. She, herself, has at least eleven characters up her sleeve, according... Read More

Happy Fall (vlog): Seasonal reset

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So I re-watched the virgin Periscope attempt and it wasn’t a total fail, but there is definitely a heightened sense of insecurity being live and in person online. It will certainly take some getting used to. In the meantime, I imovied this little diddy together for you to remind you to take advantage of the reset opportunity of the season.... Read More