The Year of Magical Dreaming

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10 Min. Heart Softening Meditation

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Finally when I got technology to cooperate, my kitten knocked over the cat bowl at about min. three;) Hopefully you’ll be in such meditative bliss you won’t notice. Heart softening: a great meditative practice, a great life practice. Enjoy! I leave you with this: How often are you getting to the cushion? Do these guided meditations help? PS … Never... Read More

Looking for Treasure

I write this post after attempting to record a heart softening meditation, frustratingly, to no avail. Technology wanted to eff with me all night and perhaps teach me to soften my heart to going to bed instead. I saved this Upworthy post for you because it made me smile. Something as simple and silly as Doodlestones is taking Instagram by... Read More

Attached to Our Story: That’s not how it happened

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I just finished Childhood Disrupted. Wow! What an incredible book and important read for caregivers, teachers and parents alike. I mentioned in a previous post that I was interviewed for the book, and my story was featured as one of many positive healing tales shared within the text. Author Donna Jackson Nakazawa did an incredible job weaving our stories in with... Read More

Decisions Decisions: The freedom is in the faith

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I took on this topic earlier this month with a post: Refuse to Let This Moment Suck. It comes up in my coaching practice all the time, “How do I know I’m making the right decision?” I’m a big proponent of “there are next to no ‘wrong’ decisions.” With the best of intentions, every path leads to the same place... Read More

Do You

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And only you! I love this message from Ellen. We often forget, given that she’s one of the most well-liked women on TV, that Ellen took a huge hit just to be herself. The world wasn’t ready for her, and she spent months depressed, doubting her decision. And now look at her. Yes, it can be risky to be honest,... Read More

Peace: Out beyond the break

I was teaching my nephew how to bodyboard this week. And by teach I mean tow him into the waves. It took very little time for him to grasp just how peaceful it was beyond the break. He took many waves to the face like a champ in order to get there. And each time he did he’d look forward... Read More

Change: The only constant

There is no better example of constant change than sitting on the beach all day. In the morning, it’s calm and glassy. Low tide. No wind. Only scattered people. By 11 AM, the wind picks up. Surf gets choppy. Current rolls in. Families plot their ground. The tide comes in; the beach gets swallowed. Pools form. Winds shift. Waves crash.... Read More