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Sucks To Be You (vlog)

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Why does it feel better when people validate our suckage? “Awe man, that sucks.” … Thanks? I guess. I fell down the feeling-sorry-for-myself-hole this morning. Everything seemed an inconvenience: sweeping again, after sweeping late last night, litter box duties (this is why I didn’t want TWO!), laundry is engulfing us because the littlest one hasn’t quite sorted out the whole... Read More

Balance: It’s not a destination

Work/life balance in my house is a constant discussion. Let’s just say, like everything else, it’s a practice. Yes, as entrepreneurs, we have all this freedom in our day–which is amazing–but what that often means is that computers are still open at midnight, which is not cool. We gotta walk the talk, right? This has come up several times in... Read More

Everything is Spiritual

kat hurley visits rob bell, everything is spiritual tour
I had heard of Rob Bell before. He was this cool pastor guy whose message of love was reaching beyond the confines of christianity. Oprah couldn’t say enough good things. But It wasn’t until recently when I listened to the School of Greatness podcast that I learned the reason why Rob Bell is so successful: It’s simple. He doesn’t talk... Read More

Tough it Out Like a Toddler

In improv class, my instructor, Jen, is constantly reminding us to “want it like a toddler.” Toddlers, by nature, don’t give up. First they whine, then they cry, then they kick and scream, some even do as they damn please regardless of “NO.” Relentless, right? As we grow up though, we lose that persistence, especially in our craft. We get... Read More

How to Drop the Bomb Elevator Pitch

I saved this post from Freelancers Union months ago because this is one of the hardest things to get down: simplifying what you do in 10 seconds. “What do you do?” as you know, is one of the most common questions in any introduction. And those of us who hate this question are likely those, me for many years, who... Read More

Magic Lessons W/ Elizabeth Gilbert

Could I be more in love with this woman? I have to admit, I was a closet Liz G fan for years. I could barely admit that I read and enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love … and worse, that it changed me. How so vanilla of me, right? Me and every other soccer mom and aspiring woman writer/seeker on the planet.... Read More