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Gamechanger Goal

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Today I led a goal setting session for the ninjas here at Ninja Camp Bali which I wanted to share because we are just past the 2015 half way mark and it’s a great time to check in. This activity was borrowed from the Passion Planner adding my own personal touches, of course. And it goes like so: 1. Make... Read More

Superhero For a Day

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We began our day at the Superhero Factory. If only we could all start our day this way. Wow! Overcoming obstacles in every sense of the phrase. Our instructor is a parkour ninja. Every move he made oozed power and grace. He infused Tony Robbin’s style change tactics and motivation into each challenge, even sharing his own personal leap of... Read More

Daily Offerings: Bali’s inner beauty

*photo cred:¬† I’d love to write about today’s canyoning, but I don’t have many photos yet to include, so I’ll revisit. I’ll just say instead that we killed it, and by me “killing it” I mean I squealed like a school girl mostly, but the shit got done! And by it, I mean this: One of the things I adore... Read More

Ninja Camp Bali: Life by design

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It’s official. Elisa and I have found paradise. Yoga, meditation, beach workouts, excursions, organic goodness, like-minded peeps, all in a stunning backdrop in Bali. I get that this is not everyone’s paradise, but it’s definitely ours. It’s funny, because this has been years in the making. It began with Elisa’s decision to move and teach across the world in Hong... Read More

We Are Family

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We landed in Bali safely this evening and made it to our resort just in time for last minute dinner on the beach. It was then when we finally caught a glimpse of wi-fi and heard the good news! Oh, happy day! Thank you to all our friends and family who have been such an amazing support to us over... Read More

Grateful for Our Global Community (vlog)

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What a treat to dine with and visit our good friend Peggy Chan here at Grassroots Pantry. Her food is phenomenal, but cooler than that has been watching her grow over the years as a business owner and #bosslady. We remember when she opened the doors to her first place. She has since opened a second project, and we just... Read More

Why Travel is a Loss of Control to Lean Into

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After a crazy long day Saturday on only a few hours of sleep, I finally arrived at Elisa’s parents in New Jersey for the tail end of their Father’s Day party. Our suitcases (we store in her parents attic) still had to be packed and all last minute details of our trip, like who’s driving us to the airport, were... Read More