The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Why Improv is the New Personal/Biz Development

I just finished my 4th round of improv classes last night. That’s 12 sweaty nights that I’ve survived and walked out a better human. I got into improv because two of my coaching clients were both at Upright Citizens Brigade or UCB, a big-time improv theater with impressive alumni: Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll and more. Here I am coaching... Read More

Stress: On a Scale of 1 to 10 #vlog

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I had a girlfriend in college who was borderline OCD. She just loved to check things off her to-do list. She’d write “shower” on the list just so she could cross it off. I’d tease her all the time: “Why don’t you just write ‘breathe’ on there while you’re at it!” Her room was meticulous, not an item out of... Read More

Baltimore: Bringing out the best and the worst

I’ve been watching the last 48 hours as things have unfolded in my hometown, Baltimore. Media hype took me directly to the riots; I never even realized there were peaceful protest going on. I watched with sadness, like so many others. Of course my mind went immediately to judgement, to point fingers. I did after all feel attacked–these are my... Read More

Oh, the Places We’ll Go

Elisa left the house early yesterday, while Boots the kitten and I lounged in bed for a few lazy hours. When I woke for breakfast, I walked into the kitchen to find–dun, dun, DUN–the crusty avocado spoon!: Elisa’s latest habit. This may seem like a silly example, but that’s how this usually starts, right? “She always does this. The sink... Read More

Turn Your Weakness into a Mighty Swell Superpower

I’m listening to a book called Four Seconds, by Peter Bregman. And just today he was speaking to this very concept: turning your weakness into a strength. It stuck more than it might have on another day because I’d seen and enjoyed this very info-graphic in HuffPo this morning: Anxiety: A Superpower! I’ve read about this concept (turning weakness to strength)... Read More

Belief Bomb: You have the power to change your story #vlog

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This is a topic I give workshops on, and I spend at least a few sessions with my clients, if not several, unraveling their negative beliefs. It’s obviously a much larger conversation than a 4-minute vlog or a couple sentence dreambomb, and it may be something you’ve heard before, or even 100 times over, but I find this process never... Read More

Lose the Agenda

I just started reading The Message of You by Judy Carter. I’ve only read the introduction and am already obsessed. Thank you to my speech coach, Don, for the suggestion. In the intro, Carter tells the story of how she came to understand her message. For years she was a stand-up comedian and did a workshop/set for folks called “Laugh Your... Read More