The Year of Magical Dreaming

Post Archive:November, 2014

Living Up to Your Full Potential

Nothing like talking about Byron Katie over gluten free apple pie. I was so thrilled to find a fellow Katie fan during the festivities this weekend. Funny, I can’t even remember how she came up, but the pie was damn good–that much I recall. Katie’s book Loving What Is had been such a game changer in my life. I have... Read More

The Theory of Everything

It’s really incredible when you live in a hole of sorts, and have no idea what’s in the theaters, to come across the trailer of The Theory of Everything and literally run out the door to catch the next showing. There are so many things I loved about this film: the smart acting, the smart writing, the smart directing, the... Read More

The Real Business of Black Friday

Before we’ve even consciously awaken from our food comas, we are automatically catapulted into another holiday season with Black Friday creepin’ in earlier and earlier each year. I’ve never done any Black Friday damage, I’ve always preferred to stay home and (wo)man the leftovers and sneak in some R&R. Crowds, lines, cluttered stores, commotion, no thank you. I’d much rather... Read More

Gushy On Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! From my crazy family to yours. You know I love to get my gratitude on year round. But I do get a little sappy this time of year, even more gushy on the gratitude tip–I can’t help it. Last night, before bed, I was scribbling down all the things I was grateful for and had to cut myself... Read More

The Gift of Expression

I was so moved by this video the other day, I saved it to share with you. I realize, often embarrassingly, more and more the vast list of things I take for granted, but I had never considered communication and expression as one of them. As I count my blessings this evening, as I do every night, I will add... Read More

Cut the Crap! Be the Boss of Your Time & Happiness

I just finished Shawn Achor’s Before Happiness, and I really appreciated the section on noise cancelling. For someone who doesn’t own a TV and doesn’t watch the news, this chapter was right up my alley. His definition: “Brain “noise” is any information that is irrelevant, useless, hypothetical or distracting. And noise saps our brains of the energy to process the... Read More

Going For Broke After Choke

I have been to space! And it’s between my ears. Strange how I can’t get my mind that quiet in meditation. Total blank. Instead of enlightenment, I felt sheer panic. Not exactly the path to nirvana I might desire. As I sat on the 4 Train on the way home, beating myself up for pondering all my mistakes … a theme... Read More