The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Get Yo’ NY On: But don’t bite the hook

It turns out I didn’t even need to run around the apartment this afternoon for as much walking as I did today. I’m not lying when I say I walked a 10k. PoP office, to race expo, to train, to dinner, to ice cream, to train, to train, to train, to home. Phew! I almost cried when I got stuck... Read More

Nothing Sexy About Halloween Here

Except for Josh Sundquist, paralympian, cancer survivor, and motivational speaker. To me there is nothing sexier than owning YOU. Whether you have one leg or whether your mom has always called you big boned, there is nothing more appealing than genuine self acceptance. I’m not a huge Halloween fan, I must admit, but I do appreciate a good costume when... Read More

Commit to Happiness

I heard this quote today on Gabby Bernstein’s most recent vlog. “Committing to happiness increases your chances for success.” – Robert Holden I have certainly seen this unfold in my life. The year it took to publish my book I was feeling more funky than anything, I couldn’t figure it out. Shouldn’t I be on the moon right now? It... Read More

Trick or Treat?: Your mind’s way of manipulating you

How do we know when to give into the treat, or if it’s just another mind trick. I deserve this brownie or mochafrappalatte, I’ve worked so hard this morning. I deserve to veg out on the couch all night because today was so crazy at work. I deserve to skip yoga class, I’ve already been to the gym 3 times... Read More

I Got It

I just sent in my lottery email, which I’ll share with you when it posts to¬†The Listserve. Phew! That was a little nerve wracking. I’ve learned I’m much better when people give me a topic. The blank slate to the whole free world thing just seems awfully paralyzing with too many choices. I sat on my meditation cushion waiting for... Read More

I Won the Lottery!

Well, the email lottery that is. The Listserve¬†lottery. I have been reading (albeit partially so) Listserve emails for about two years now. Many start the same way. “I can’t believe I won! I have no idea what to say.” Although I agree with those sentiments, I refuse to begin my email in such a way because, if readers are anything... Read More

Trust: You win some, you lose some

Trust. I was thinking about it on our drive up to Albany today. Trying to sleep actually, unsuccessfully, in the passenger seat. My mind way too busy instead thinking that perhaps we should have just gotten the brake fluid changed when the guy suggested. Here we were barreling down the Taconic at 70 mph in a bucket of tin and... Read More