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Nourishing Yourself With “NO”

I’m almost through James Altucher’s newest book The Power of No: Because one little word can bring health. This is one of my favorite parts so far: I started saying “No” to people who weren’t right for me. I started saying “No” to everything I didn’t want to do. I started saying “No” to mindless meetings, mindless events, mindless people... Read More

Off the Cuff: Gratitude is the New Sexy

Today I gave my second Toastmasters speech on one of my favorite (and therefore easy) topics: gratitude! I had such great intentions all week/weekend long to map out and rehearse my speech, but as circumstances dictate that never happened. I’ve done 40 minute keynotes, so what’s 4 – 6 min, right? I tell you. There is something about this small... Read More

The Mindfulness Revolution

I’m thrilled that mindfulness has hit the mainstream, that it’s making its way not only into our lexicons, but into our practices as well. It may feel like a slow trickle to some of us, but the wave of consciousness is among us. And I couldn’t be more pleased. There is talk of consciousness in business, consciousness in education and... Read More

TYOMD On Location: National Harbor, DC

Oh, the ways I learn to let go. Or, better put, am forced to let go. This weekend has proven to be yet another opportunity to loosen the grip on my expectations. Breathe a bit, and let go. It began with missing the BoltBus down to DC Thursday afternoon. Sometimes it is just the oddest series of circumstances that makes... Read More

Your Fear is the Most Boring Thing About You

“Regular, made in China, Walmart fear;)” This clip is in honor of the fact that I’m missing my homegirl Oprah this weekend for The Life You Want Weekend in Newark, NJ. Other trailblazers in town this weekend include Iyanla Vanzant, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Mark Nepo. I’m only a little bitter. I love this old TED from Elizabeth Gilbert,... Read More

HeForShe: A more unifying front for feminism

I interrupt today’s regularly scheduled programming, to give you (in case you haven’t seen it) Emma Watson’s incredibly poignant speech on destigmatizing feminism, which included a formal and open invitation to men to join HeForShe: A more unifying front for feminism. In the speech, you can tell, she is obviously nervous. Yet, she’s brave enough to ask and answer the... Read More

Nuff Said: Apollos Hester

I feel like this every morning. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Big ups to his parents;) “That’s all it takes: attitude!” I leave you with this: Fired up? Good. Run with it! #Onward Keep Smiling, kat Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full... Read More