The Year of Magical Dreaming

Post Archive:August, 2014

The Perfect Day

Two years ago when I began doing some visualization meditation, I started thinking long and hard about what it is that would qualify as the meat and potatoes of my “perfect day.” Now, don’t let me lose you on the visualization meditation part. I know you might still be on the fence about the hokey pokiness of that sort of... Read More

Buy Me A Drink!!

In case you haven’t heard yet, I’m running a marathon! Somehow I drank the wrong Kool Aid;) But thankfully it is for an awesome for-purpose organization for whom I’m really proud to run. In order to raise the required $3,000 by November 2nd, though, I’m gonna need your help. That’s why I ask that you buy me a drink! Well... Read More

Leave It To A Maxipad Ad To Get Me All Misty-eyed #LikeAGirl

I’ve been thinking about this whole, “throw like a girl” thing since all eyes were on Mo’ne Davis being badass last week pitching in the Little League World Series. I saw an interview where the newscaster asked Mo’ne why she didn’t play a sport more suitable for girls like soccer? Her response was great. And by great, I mean, she... Read More

I Have Arrived …

“If you’ve gotten the call, you have arrived.” Delicious words of wisdom that I’ve read and heard in various forms over the past few months. The problem with personal development, as with anything, is that we’re always seeking to get somewhere. We’re often onto the next thing before we’ve even relished what we have in front of us. And yes,... Read More

Amazing Grace

When I was living in Hawaii, rebuilding my sense of self, coming out of a divorce and deep depression in 2008, I fell in love with grace. A word I must have said hundreds of times before without ever knowing its true meaning. I strung it into my mantras; I wrote about it in my gratitude journal; I set out... Read More

I Can Do Anything Good!

This made my morning. Thank you, Catherine! Turns out I’m a little late in the game though. At over 14 million views, it appears she’s already made tons of people smile. The deleted scene is worth the view, too. She’s pretty frickin awesome. I leave you with this: Dance out your daily affirmations. Why not? I am right this very... Read More

Kids These Days

Tonight I gave my first speech for Toastmasters NYC, the speech and delivery club I joined about a month ago to not only improve my speaking skills but to network with other up and coming speakers. Mentally I wasn’t nervous at all, but I have to admit … physically I was all sorts of clammy and flustered. Of course, once... Read More