The Year of Magical Dreaming

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#ProudToPlay: Happy Pride

Pride week has come and gone and somehow we were the least gay in all of New York, not attending even a single event. We did do the whole parade bit last year and saw enough queens, assless chaps, and chicks with feax hawks to last a lifetime, yet I still feel a little guilty for not representing. Despite what... Read More

A Bat Dream

It is only recently that I’ve been having more vivid dreams and actually remembering them. I recall noticing a fairly long dry spell where I was starting to wonder if my good dreaming days were through. I had a dream earlier this month about my Gma in our old beach house that felt so real I nearly woke up in... Read More

Human Walking Program

*via upworthy It’s always all about the shift in perspective, isn’t it? I leave you with this: Allow yourself to be rescued this weekend. Whether it be a pup, a baby, your partner, a good friend, a walk in nature, an enticing read, or an old favorite movie. All of us could use a break from the mundane from time... Read More

The Game Before the Game

I love love love this. Not because I’m a huge fan of soccer, but because football is as close to religion in some countries and this is a great depiction of such. The phone call to dad before the game with the focus on happiness, you know I’m a sucker for that. “… run like it is the last day... Read More

A Big Thumbs Up to Love and Acceptance #tbt

*Thanks Upworthy! I’m not even going to touch on what Timberlake Christian School did, although it does make me that much more grateful for that stiff jumper and butterfly collar I wore in parochial school. Or else I might have gotten a similar note; unless, of course, TCS is the ignorant anomaly I hope it is. ANYWAY, let’s talk instead... Read More

10 minute poetry: I Rise For Spirit

  Even in my darkest days, I awoke fresh, for only moments perhaps, hopeful for anew. My manners ran on auto pilot, accompanying niceties genuine and generous, but few.   Despite the notion to waive the white flag, I nourished and conditioned my body and was forgiving of my mind. Bleak was my horizon, yet somehow, somewhere inside, I knew... Read More

Resilience is Ordinary Magic

I’m taking a new online course from Harvard Ed X, Becoming a Resilient Person. A trait many believe that you’re either born with or your not, I was intrigued by the methods of which they’d use to teach it. I’ve been fascinated with resilience since I was a kid, not in so many words perhaps. I’ve always been curious how... Read More