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Discovering Your Soul Signature: Panache Desai

I have searched high and low for a video peek of Panache Desai’s talk at the Thrive Conference last week and I can’t find anything close. I found a few clips from his 2013 visit to Super Soul Sunday, but they are only a taste of his authentic and powerful message. Never fear! I’m in the midst of reading his... Read More

My New Fave Homeboy: stephen’s story

Talk about living with your mortality in mind! This young guy with an old soul and huge heart is the embodiment of living purposefully and passionately. He has a bucket list that makes mine look like bingo at the local senior hall. “I may have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me,” says Stephen. Not a victim of his circumstances, he... Read More

Creative Routines of Masterfully Creative People

creative routines *click link to check out Info We Trust I saw this infographic a couple of weeks ago and saved it to the blog archive because I just love this concept of time management and peering into the routines of some of the greats. As you will see when you get there, there is no one-size-fits-all routine. From artists, to... Read More

Writing Your Obituary – Are you done yet?

This practice of living with your mortality in mind has been all the buzz lately. Writing your own obit and realizing your resume has little place in your legacy is a priority re-organizing experience, to say the least. When a young person dies, the only way I can make any sense of it–justify it even just a little–is to see... Read More

Thrive NYC: Take Two

Wow. What another huge day! There were so many great speakers, some old faves and some new voices (well, at least new to me). How had I not been properly introduced to Panache Desai until today? I thought I knew everybody who has graced O’s Super Soul Sunday couch; I’m ashamed of myself. I felt so guilty, in fact, I... Read More

Thrive Conference NYC: Take One

Thrive NYC What an evening full of unexpected surprises. First, I show up to the event not knowing much of what to expect at all, and there is this escalating anxiety, in an extremely long line I found myself in, that several of us holding a comp ticket would not actually make it into the theater. As I stood in... Read More