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Q & A Day: How do you stay calm in the midst of chaos?

  Happy Q & A Day! The sun is shining here in Brooklyn, so I was out and about on my bike–finally–and look who I ran into: sweet, Baby Jesus! Aka ODB. Enjoy today’s Q & A vlog. I leave you with this: Crack is wack. Sober is doper. #Onward Much Love, kat PS … Only a few more days... Read More

Loving What Is

I have only recently revisited Byron Katie’s: The Work. I was first introduced to it years ago, in the midst of my own meltdown aka transformation, when I read her mind-blowing book Loving What Is. Since then, I have recommended it to several clients and friends only to turn up mixed emotions and inconsistent reviews. The biggest complaint that I’ve... Read More

Reality Bites: Well, mostly

So, we survived our 3-day shoot in Tampa. I have to say, I give the Kardashians a little more credit. There is nothing glamorous about reality TV. “Soul-sucking,” I think, is the term Elisa borrowed. We basically shot from 9 to 5, give or take, for the full three days. The weather would just not cooperate. Hours and hours worth... Read More

Gayest Hugs Ever

I love this vid because it brings us back to the concept that connection is compassion that I touched on, most recently, in Behind Bars, Open Hearts. It is easier to judge and see “other” when we refuse to see likeness. I think I read once that we are 99.9% exactly the same, no matter color, creed, or nationality. In... Read More

The power of intentions

pam grout *(credits) “Today I pray for _________” is an amazing tattoo to fill in each day with a permanent marker. I wish I had thought of that one first. Unfortunately I’m not that clever, but one can always hope. I recently gave a five plus one, gratitude/intentions assignment to my group coaching clients. They were asked each eve to write... Read More

The Gap

creative work
We are our own biggest critics. For better or for worse. I leave you with this: Create a shit ton of work. Don’t over-think it and be the most amazing whoever you are in the making. #Onward Much Love, kat