The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Q & A Day: How do you stay calm in the midst of chaos?

  Happy Q & A Day! The sun is shining here in Brooklyn, so I was out and about on my bike–finally–and look who I ran into: sweet, Baby Jesus! Aka ODB. Enjoy today’s Q & A vlog. I leave you with this: Crack is wack. Sober is doper. #Onward Much Love, kat PS … Only a few more days... Read More

Loving What Is

I have only recently revisited Byron Katie’s: The Work. I was first introduced to it years ago, in the midst of my own meltdown aka transformation, when I read her mind-blowing book Loving What Is. Since then, I have recommended it to several clients and friends only to turn up mixed emotions and inconsistent reviews. The biggest complaint that I’ve... Read More

Reality Bites: Well, mostly

So, we survived our 3-day shoot in Tampa. I have to say, I give the Kardashians a little more credit. There is nothing glamorous about reality TV. “Soul-sucking,” I think, is the term Elisa borrowed. We basically shot from 9 to 5, give or take, for the full three days. The weather would just not cooperate. Hours and hours worth... Read More

Gayest Hugs Ever

I love this vid because it brings us back to the concept that connection is compassion that I touched on, most recently, in Behind Bars, Open Hearts. It is easier to judge and see “other” when we refuse to see likeness. I think I read once that we are 99.9% exactly the same, no matter color, creed, or nationality. In... Read More

The power of intentions

pam grout *(credits) “Today I pray for _________” is an amazing tattoo to fill in each day with a permanent marker. I wish I had thought of that one first. Unfortunately I’m not that clever, but one can always hope. I recently gave a five plus one, gratitude/intentions assignment to my group coaching clients. They were asked each eve to write... Read More

The Gap

We are our own biggest critics. For better or for worse. I leave you with this: Create a shit ton of work. Don’t over-think it and be the most amazing whoever you are in the making. #Onward Much Love, kat