The Year of Magical Dreaming

Post Archive:February, 2014

Sing Till Your Soul’s Content

I present to you the best horoscope I’ve ever read for myself. I’m not much of an astrology buff. Actually, that’s a terrible understatement. I know nothing about astrology. Well, except that I’m a Pisces. A dead on Pisces. In fact, I’m such a Piscean I was born with this symbol  tattooed right on my back. Weird, right? It’s really... Read More

Live Out Your Imagination Not Your History

Oh how the history is always surfacing. We say things like, “this is who I am,” or, “this is how I do things,” often without questioning why? Then, one might ask … How is that working out for you? And, most often, the answer is a very certain– “not.” So rather than accepting the habits that make up our personality... Read More

Show Your Work

Show Your Work I don’t typically share full articles, but this one is already magical;) Also, if you’re a writer and don’t know about Medium, which I’m sure you all do, I just wanted to make sure you were acquainted. Even if you only read this piece for the quotes, you’ll be walking away with some good nuggets. I’ve seen... Read More

The Acceptance Diet: BAM! I’m handsome (Guest Post)

All my life I grew up sick and “disabled.” On top of having epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and hydrocephalus–I was also fat! I had a bum arm and a bum leg, and I would use it as an excuse every chance I got. I used my seizures as a crutch; I’d say things like, “I wish I could drive.” Or, “I... Read More

90% Water: Make Art Not War

*What the Bleep Do We Know We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this awesome video of Deva Premal and Miten singing the Gayatri Mantra that frequently pops up on my Pandora meditation channel. This highly revered Vedic Sanskrit mantra is said to bestow wisdom and enlightenment, through the vehicle of the sun, who represents the source of... Read More

Off the Ritual Rocker

With family in town, visiting from Hawaii, it has been nearly impossible to keep up with my daily rituals. Even tyomd has become a bit of a midnight affair, which any other time would break some unwritten ordinance. My meditation schedule is all outta whack, my yoga to shit, my diet–pffff! My normal self wouldn’t recognize me right now;) As... Read More