The Year of Magical Dreaming

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waiting for the “right time”

*thailand, 2010 A perfect end to our Thanksgiving adventure was the news that yet another loved one is expecting. I get such a kick out of the evolution in young couples that occurs from the “we’re so not ready” to “I guess we’re doing this.” I’ve talked to several moms and grandmas over the years who’d had a whole string... Read More

in case i haven’t told you lately, y’all are my shit

*Nepal 2011 As I sat on the stoop in the sunshine this morning, I reflected on all the support that I’ve had this year in every endeavor I’ve set out for. I am so incredibly grateful to those of you who continually open your minds and hearts to my passions and energy. I am constantly inspired by you: for your... Read More

finding awareness in your twenties (a podcast interview)

My very first podcast interview! I was thrilled to be chosen to speak on awareness in last week’s Jenningswire interview. When I submitted my proposal to speak in their “Decades” series, I was nervous they’d think I was too young. You’d be surprised how many people have said, “But you’re not old enough to have written a memoir.” To which... Read More

grateful for hindsight’s 20/20

*Portland, OR 2013 I have weathered many storms that from deep inside the eye seemed like they could only be the imagination of someone or something‘s sick torture. I renounced all potential of a generous God, lacking trust, at the time, in just about everything. And just as I may have punched a stranger for chirping, “Hindsight is always 20/20!”... Read More

we should be mavericks; we should practice doing the extraordinary

Ubud, Bali 2011 How does one go about being extraordinary? Well, we can start by being different than we were yesterday. As long as we continue to live in our pasts, as Dr. Joe Dispenza describes in his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, we will not and cannot create the future we desire. Even those who we may already... Read More

the presence of fear…

*Makapu’u 2008 “The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength.” Yet another spot-on gem from A Course in Miracles, which admittedly I haven’t read yet. It’s only one million and twenty-seven pages long, though still on my list;) I happened across this quote on FB actually from SpiritJunkie, and found it incredibly... Read More

i am inspired. i am unstoppable.

*stairway to heaven – oahu, HI, 2007 Today’s centering thought in my meditation was “I am inspired. I am unstoppable.” How deliciously appropriate. I have been participating in the new Deepak & Oprah daily meditation experience: Desire & Destiny. Although I meditate everyday on my own, I always find these 21-day challenges a great way to mix things up. And... Read More