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20-16 Fitness Goal Just Hit Me!

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Elisa asked me last week what my fitness goal was for 20-16. I had nothin.

Last year her goal was pull-ups; she started with one and now she can do six or seven.

I can’t remember her new goal. I forgot to listen after she reminded me how awesome her pull-ups are now;)

I jogged my mind: 2014 I ran the NYC marathon, last year I picked up water polo of all things, we’ve been talking about doing a triathlon for years, but neither of us have decent bikes, and we’ve been toying with the idea of this Spartan thing now for a couple of weeks.

And then tonight I Googled “best online yoga,” only because I missed the 4:30 Yin class at Brooklyn Yoga Collective talking to my bestie, and my fitness goal for 20-16 hit me! Flexibility.

Enough with all the high intensity stuff already! I do plenty of that in my classes at the gym.

I really enjoyed this Heavenly Hips session with Rachel Scott from (free) Wow! I’ve had a few persistent nagging quasi-injuries in the hip-glute region that were all kinds of stoked I found this video.

It was intermediate: so challenging, but not crazy. There are at least 3 moves that I struggled to do correctly.

Since today was my first day trying it out, I have my base. I can come back to this class time and time again to check back in with my flexibility and especially those three poses.

It may not seem like an extremely exciting goal, but something tells me flexibility may just permeate into many other areas of my life. #winwin

I leave you with this: Do you set a separate fitness goal? If so, what’s yours?

PS … I recorded a new meditation today. Be on the lookout for it tomorrow! (Bookmark the playlist page for more!)

Also, as of this morning, this too became my fitness goal. If Channing Tatum can do Beyonce, so can I! 😉


Much Love,