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12 Days of Kindness Adventure: Day 3, Life … Coaching the Coach

I often get asked by my clients whether I have bad days.

Without trying to sound super annoying, I pad my “no”, with: “But I have my moments all the time.”

This week has felt like many of those moments crocheted together into a chunky Christmas scarf.

One of my strengths moonlights as one of my weaknesses; you may be familiar: I’m highly self critical.

This can be a great motivating quality, no doubt. But, as you may know, it’s often a swift punch to the kidney, for which we can never prepare.

As I mentioned, I am under the weather-ish. I am not claiming to be anything other than well, but there’s a lot of snot and sleepiness involved, let’s just say that.

When you go into a big week before the holiday commotion thinking you’re gonna get all these amazing things done, instead my slacker meter has been wailing like a steamy kettle. My mind keeps flashing important to-do’s, all while my body reads articles, is addicted to my new fave game, Duolingo (a language learning game), and naps like there’s no tomorrow.

Thankfully, the universe has my back–guiding me through the potential pitfalls with one synchronistic wink after the other.

A Course In Miracles has been offering up lessons on taking my time, less effort, letting go, allowing.

His dreams are happy and his rest secure, his safety certain and his body healed because he sleeps and wakens with the truth before him always. He will save the world because he gives the world what he receives each time he practices the words of truth: I am as God created me.

Pam Grout’s new book, E Cubed, has been underpinning that same message.

If our limited perceptions create an energy structure negating the inexhaustible substance in which we live, we end up with a small, often-times-scary reality. Because we identify so deeply with this reality it seems very real to us. Negativity, slyly disguised as “reality,” has become a construct that, like Harry Potter’s magical cloak, is now invisible to us.

Gary Zukav’s, The Seat of the Soul: “Emotions reflect intentions. Therefore awareness of emotions leads to awareness of intentions. Every discrepancy between a conscious intention and the emotions that accompany it points directly to a splintered aspect of the self that requires healing. For example: If your intention to advance your work causes sorrow instead of satisfaction, following the sorrow will lead you to unconscious intentions.

I’ve seen quotes on Instagram and FB: “Life is far more fun when you have faith in the guidance that is around you. #spiritjunkie

“Here’s a curative for judgement; you just never know. Suspend judgement as a practice of your faith in something bigger. Avoiding conclusions can be a monumental act of love. –Danielle Laporte

Also, I took a divine yoga class yesterday whose instructor’s theme for the class was embracing the darkness. He discussed the yin/yang of light enveloping dark. The instructor was amazingly talented in both his method and messaging, weaving in the idea of releasing resistance all throughout class.

I left assured that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

So, no grandiose act of kindness today, although there was a lot of shared laughter with strangers on the subway. (I’m finding this kindness thing to be trickier than I thought.)

Yet, this idea of acting with kindness and compassion toward self, sometimes our biggest obstacle, loomed in my mind all day.

A gift to me, yes, this final release and bow of the head, but also a gift to you: a gentle reminder to relax, pace yourself, you are exactly where you should be, in fact — wherever you go, there you are.

I leave you with this: Breathe. Breathe in the kindness and generosity of the universe just as it is, and breathe out all the belief of how it should be.


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!