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kat facilitates both women and students to create massive shifts in their perspective on their world and life as it happens. She is on a steadfast mission to empower her clients and audiences to make meaningful commitments to their overall happiness one purposeful moment at a time.  

what is a transformational coach?  Kat has a very personal, yet powerful way in which she communicates with her clients, where together they develop strategies to strengthen her clients' commitments to their goals and overall vision. Through clarity of purpose, her clients are moved to immediate action, and in so doing, produce effective, lasting results.

the unique dimension of transformational coaching is that masterful coaches, like Kat, help bring awareness to the areas in their clients' lives that are forever holding them back. Whether that be limited beliefs or unconscious interpretations, Kat helps to not only shine the light on the negative mindset/behavior, but offers effective strategies and techniques to ultimately liberate them from the social norm of "playing small," all while focusing on the abundance of possibilities beyond their wildest imagination. 

kat spent seven years teaching high school where she felt frustratingly inadequate, educating students to overcome adversity, due to the strict confines of the classroom. Given the personal experiences she coped with as an adolescent, Kat felt her diluted answers to heartfelt questions were inept. Where she really wanted to say, "I know, I've been there," she felt like she couldn't. 

kat witnessed a family tragedy at five, was separated from her brothers and shifted around, living with aunts, uncles and eventually her "Gma." Divorce, death, suicide, abandonment, drinking, drugs, homosexuality, popularity, and fear, are just a few of the many topics Kat discusses openly in her talks with students. Having overcome a past filled with confusion, Kat hopes to lessen the torment familiar to her audiences through powerful techniques and suggestions on awareness and mindfulness.

kat recently came off of a year-long hiatus traveling through south east Asia where she wrote her first book, having to overcome her own fears while reeling in some of her biggest dreams. She is eager and more ready than ever to share her experience of what it takes to dive into the deep end and come up splashing.  

Click on the picture to be taken to the Jenningswire podcast page.

Click on the picture to be taken to the Jenningswire podcast page.